Sveriges publicisters kollektiva förvaltningsorganisation

The members of SPCMO

Who can become a member?

Membership in SPCMO is open to all entities that meet the following conditions:

a. the applicant is the producer of one or more press publications or can demonstrate that it is the authorized representative of such rights,
b. the applicant concludes an affiliation agreement with SPCMO,
c. the applicant is active in the media area and supports that there should be a free and diverse press to ensure the public’s access to quality journalism and information and protects fundamental values that contribute to a well-functioning, democratic and open society, and
d. the applicant has paid an entry fee if such has been duly decided.

The membership terms further require the applicant to conclude an affiliation agreement for the assignment to SPCO of the right to manage the Publishers´ Right.

What are the obligations of the members?

Membership in SPCMO entails certain obligations. Each member is required to:

a. pay statutory membership contributions and, where applicable, entry and membership fees,
b. act loyally with the purposes of SPCMO,
c.  provide SPCMO or the person appointed by SPCMO with all relevant information, including information that may be required for SPCMO’s collection, management, distribution, and payment, as well as information that may be required for the calculation of voting rights and any entry or membership fees, and
d. otherwise follow the statutes and membership terms of SPCMO.

Currently, neither an entry fee nor a membership fee has been decided by the board.

The membership terms require the applicant to conclude an affiliation agreement for the assignment to SPCMO of the right to manage the Publishers´ Right. Click below for the terms of the affiliation agreement.

How to apply for membership in SPCMO and what does it mean?

An entity that would like to become a member of SPCMO and meets the membership requirements is welcome to send us a request. The application will normally be processed at the next board meeting in SPCMO. The membership terms require that the applicant signs an affiliation agreement with SPCMO.

Under the affiliation agreement and by the membership in SCPMO, the member authorises SPCMO to manage the Publishers´ Right in accordance with the terms of the affiliation agreement and the statutes of SPCMO. In addition, the member authorises SPCMO to, where appropriate, negotiate and pay compensation due according to section 48 d § Swedish Copyright Act on its behalf.

To read the conditions for applying and the statutes of SPCMO, click below.

What are the terms of termination of the affiliation agreement and membership?

The mandate to SPCMO to manage the Publisher’s Right, governed in the affiliation agreement and by the statutes, is valid until further notice with a notice period of six (6) months. However, licenses that include the Publishers´ Right that are issued by SPCMO during the term of the affiliation agreement shall always have continued validity if such an underlying license agreement regarding the right applies, but no later than twenty-four (24) months after the affiliation agreement has expired.

If a member terminates the affiliation agreement, such termination will also be considered as a withdrawal from the membership in SPCMO. A request for termination of the affiliation agreement/membership must be made in accordance with the statutes and the terms of the affiliation agreement. Find out more by clicking below.

What is SPCMO?

SPCMO is a collective management organisation that manage rights related to the publishers´ right.

The members of SPCMO

SPCMO has many media houses, both news media houses and magazine publishers, as members.